Web Analytics & Reporting Services

Indiagolive can assist you with the Web Analytics & Reporting Services and get to recognize your customers better. No doubt, Analytics is not restricted to the web portal it can also be widely used to examine your advertising campaigns and assist you to spend elegantly for your campaigns. Report and Analytics will also assist you to take planned decisions for your trade other than that it can also assist you to optimize your content, imminent on targeted keywords among others.

Our team can assist your business to understand which of your campaign is doing good at which location it can also assist you to identify at what time your campaign is finding more number of visitors.

Website Analytics

Indiagolive makes sure to deliver the finest deep insights on the web analytics.

Web Analytics & Reporting Services actually collects measures and examines the web data which assists businesses to make good decisions. We offer a diverse array of analytic services that can assist you in calculating web traffic, engagement levels and consumer behavior to assess and improve the efficiency of a web portal. The process of Analytics also allows you understand that the customer is making use of the devices to overload your website.

SEO & SEM Analytics

SEO Analytics essentially take care of the content. It maintains a track of it your content requirements to be optimized or if similar changes are necessary both On page SEO and Off page SEO Analytics. It rightly guides you on how to find ranking on search engines among others.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics is considered as one of the best tools to maintain a track on the level of performance of your page or advertisement on the platform. No doubt, analytics can assist you to perform a comprehensive analysis on page engagement, page post engagement (organic as well as paid), likes on the page and demographic study of the page likes among others. The analytics assists you to handle your ROI for your online trade.

Meanwhile, SEM Analytics maintain a track of your campaigns and lead you to handle your ROI with the help of the campaigns. You can talk to the experts in order to find out more information on Web Analytics & Reporting Services. The services of Indiagolive are personalized according to the requirements of the clients. Contact the team now for more information!

Online marketing is referred as the key business tool for businesses now as it allows them to bind the power of the web to take their online business direct to the next level. It assists them to gain boost traffic, visibility, and even engage users so that they get changed into clients


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